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Monday, February 17, 2014

The Dog Who Healed A Family by Jo Coudert: First Page Mondays

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The Dog Who Healed A Family And Other True Animal Stories That Warm the Heart & Touch the Soul by Jo Coudert shall forever remain one of my most loved books ever.....

I am so glad and thankful that the publishers sent me this book for a review! Can't believe I never heard about it earlier...

In this post, I am sharing the first page...will soon come back with many more tidbits from this lovely book that you absolutely must read...

The Puppy Express

Curled nose to tail, the little dog was drowsing in Nancy Topp's lap as the truck rolled along the interstate. Suddenly Nancy felt her stiffen into alertness. 'What's the matter, old girl?' Nancy asked. At seventeen, Snoop had a bit of a heart condition and some kidney problems, and the family was concerned about her.

 Struggling to her feet, the dog stared straight ahead. She was a small dog, with a dachshund body but a beagle head, and she almost seemed to be pointing. A wisp of smoke was curling out of a crack in the dashboard. 'Joe!' she shouted at her husband at the wheel. 'Joe, the engine's on fire!'

 Within seconds the cab of the ancient truck was seething with smoke. Nancy and Joe and their two children - Jodi, twelve, and Matthew, fifteen - leaped to the shoulder of the road and ran. When they were well clear, they turned and waited for the explosion that.........'

- Debolina Raja Gupta

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