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Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Dog Who Healed A Family by Jo Coudert: Review


(*this lovely book was sent to me as a review copy by the publishers. I have not been paid for this and the review shared is my honest one)

Have you heard about this book? Have you read it yet? Have you seen anything about this anywhere? If yes, I am glad.

Surprisingly, I had not heard anything about this wonderful book called The Dog Who Healed A Family And Other True Animal Stories That Warm the Heart & Touch the Soul by Jo Coudert and published by Harlequin.

When the publishers asked me whether I would like a review copy, I instantly said yes, the reason being that I am a huge dog person, and absolutely love animals (the crawly ones aside please.) So I said yes and within the week this lovely book was a part of my family. The picture of the dog on the cover reminds me of my very own pet, whom I lost almost a decade back. He looked just like this too, so it was quite an emotional moment for me to pick this one up.

Before I tell you more about the book and my thoughts on it, here are the specifics:

Details about the book:
Title: The Dog Who Healed A Family
Author: Jo Coudert
No. of Pages:172
Publishers: Harlequin
Genre: Non Fiction
Price: INR195

The book has the following 18 true stories

  1. The Puppy Express
  2. Sweet Elizabeth
  3. Frankie Buck
  4. I Love You, Pat Myers
  5. Sister Smog and The Windshield Viper
  6. A Swan Called Porcelain
  7. An Experiment in Love
  8. Goose Steps
  9. The Dog Who Healed A Family
  10. A Deer Asks For Help
  11. Where's Bubba?
  12. Woman (and Dog) To The Rescue
  13. How Do You Spank A Duck?
  14. Connie and The Dog
  15. The Owl Release
  16. The Good Shepherd
  17. Saving Trouper
  18. The Pig Who Loved People
 It also has a heart touching Afterword called The Year of Pure Love

As you've already understood by now, the book is about animals, mostly pets, but in some cases, otherwise too.

I for one have been lucky enough to have owned a pet, a lovely dog who gave us 5 wonderful years together. He passed away, but I, forever, will have him in my heart. I remember each moment spent with him and can still feel the unconditional love he showered on me and my family.

There are many reasons for you to read this book. Of course if you are an animal lover you will read this book on your own, without me having to tell you so much about it. You can already see that I loved it.

For those who have pets at home or know friends or families who have pets, this book is an amazing insight into the world of pets and families. It tells you why, as humans, we need to co-exist in peace and love with animals.

More than anything else, this is a hugely emotional book, more so for those who have had a pet with them some time or the other. And even if you don't have one, I can assure you this book will tug at your heart strings.

I have always maintained that you need to be a good human being to be honoured with the love of an animal. Otherwise you simply do not deserve that treasure of love. It is my saying though. Animals never differentiate. They have an open heart, and anyone who is not coming to harm them can be the receiver of all the love and attention and infatuation that these wonderful beings are capable of.

Reading this book was an eye opener for me. Being a pet or animal lover is one thing, but knowing about all these amazing stories that have happened for real can bring a different dimension to the entire relationship altogether.

I won't go into details about any of the stories. I want you to read them for your own and see how you feel.

The thing that touched me most is that no matter how we treat these animals, they come back to us with all their love and care. They will not let go, no matter what, and even if you fail to show the slightest of affection, they will still carry on loving you, as if that is the most natural thing in the world to do.

Pets have a habit of making their lives around you. It is as if they live because of your existence, they are happy because you are there in their lives. It is a life changing experience for anyone who has ever had a pet. And I am sure many will agree with me.

This book also brings into perspective a look at ourselves as humans. At the end of the day, it is up to us whether we can truly and proudly take the right of calling ourselves a human being capable of love and intelligence and humanity, or whether we fall in that terribly shameful category that is not deserving of being called human.

The choice is ours. We can either agree to exist in a world of love and peace with these wonderful beings, spreading love and speaking a language that goes far beyond what we are used to as humans, or whether we continue destroying all that is good and still call ourselves humans.

I truly believe that nothing can make you a better person than how you deal with others, both human and animal...or anything for that matter...This book truly shows you what a difference that one gesture can make.

I can assure you there will be moments that will move you to tears. The book has the strength and love in it to do just that. You simply can't miss it you know....

I was thinking of flipping through the stories in between other books, but once I started reading, I had to give up everything else and finished it within the hour.....It's amazing...It shall remain one of my most amazing books ever, one of the most cherished. I do miss seeing the pictures though, wish there were images of these lovely beings along with the people who loved them.

I do ask you all to read it. I don't recommend it, I wish you do...really....read it...it will change a lot of things in your life, it will change the way you look at things and do things.....

And now, the most important thing of all.....go out and buy it.

OR....Even better...

Visit the official site of Harlequin here and get your copy now!

I will of course give it 5 out of 5 stars....This is a book you just can't miss reading!

- Debolina Raja Gupta

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