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Friday, April 4, 2014

Reading On Paper Or Reading On A Screen?

I have never really understood the concept of reading on a screen.

In my line of work, I spend at least 5 to 6 hours reading up things on the screen. In addition to that, I spend a few more hours creating content, that too on the screen.

That’s quite a lot of screen time for me, especially when I say that I do not understand why people read on a screen.

For me, reading is always synonymous with a collection of pages in your hand, a book, if you may, and flipping through the pages, living with the characters, making them your own, and understanding them slowly and steadily. Any time I want to relive a moment in a book, I go back to that page and read it again, caressing the page, feeling as if I am a part of that life that is living within the book.

I can never do that with a scroll up-down button on my laptop! Technically I can, of course, but there is no soul in it, it’s just another mechanical monotonous process.

I need to feel a book in my hand to understand and appreciate the characters. I want to see those lines on the spine of the book that show me that yes, this is a book that has been well loved, much like the fine lines or greys that we have, that, for me, are a sign of the memories cherished, the moments spent under the sun and moon, the times spent with loved ones…..I call them my ‘happiness’ lines and silvers.

I know I use up a lot of paper on this earth, but I consciously try to pick up books that are FSC approved, hopefully minimising the damage to forests as much as I can in my little way.

There’s nothing like a good book for me…ever……

Just the feel of holding a cherished book in my hand makes me feel that I am living another life on this earth…and making friends and forming lifelong relationships with so many of the awesome people and things 

I read about each day……

I wouldn’t have it any other way!
- Debolina Raja Gupta

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