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Monday, April 21, 2014

The White Queen by Philippa Gregory: First Page Mondays

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Looks like I can't have enough of Philippa Gregory! Her books are quite difficult to source in India, and they are reallllyyyy expensive out here, as they have to be shipped from overseas :-(

And I seem to be getting into a habit of reading all her series!!! Well, the side effects of being a book worm I guess ;-)

So here's the first page from another lovely book of hers that I'm reading right now....this is the first part in the series The Cousin's War. I must say when my hubby picked it up from me he didn't know, otherwise I doubt he would have...lol

So here you go....


My father is Sir Richard Woodville, Baron Rivers, an English nobleman, a landholder and a supporter of the true kings of England, the Lancastrian line. My mother descends from the Dukes of Burgundy and so carries the watery blood of the goddess Melusina, who founded their royal house with her entranced ducal lover, and can still be met at times of extreme trouble, crying a warning over the castle rooftops when the son and heir is dying and the family doomed. Or so they say, those who believe in such things.

 With this contradictory parentage of mine: solid English earth and French water goddess, one could expect anything from me: an enchantress, or an ordinary girl. There are those who will say I am both. But today, as I comb my hair with particular care and arrange it under my tallest headdress, take the hands of my two fatherless boys and lead the way to the road that goes to Northampton, I would give all that I am to be, just this once, simply irresistible.

 I have to attract the attention of a young man riding out to yet another battle, against an enemy that cannot be defeated. He may not even see me. He is not likely to be in the mood for beggars or flirts. I have to excite his compassion for my position, inspire his sympathy for my needs, and stay in his memory long enough for him to do something about them both. And this is a man who.......
- Debolina Raja Gupta