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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Elixir by Ted Galdi Coming Out Soon In 2014: Quick Look And Mini Review

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I was recently sent a manuscript version of the much anticipated thriller called The Elixir by Ted Galdi. Ted was kind enough to mail me a full manuscript, even before the book went into print!

For those of you who haven't heard of the book yet, Elixir is slated to release this summer. Before you read on to know what it is about, here is a quick link to check out the trailer video: CLICK HERE

What the book is about:

The book begins with readers getting a glimpse into the mind of 14 year old Sean Malone. Sean is something of a genius, with an IQ above 200 and scholarships from the best universities already available for him.

But this is not what he wants. He wants to lead a normal life, and his is anything but.....

Soon, his genius is noticed by the US government and he is made to work on some highly confidential coding, that is used the government to pursue a certain drug lord, and in the process, kill innocent people too.

This does not go down well with Sean, who blames himself for these deaths, and soon he makes his displeasure obvious to the government.

And this is his mistake.......

As sudden as his initial interaction with the government had been, he now finds himself that he will have to make a life changing decision if he wants to survive.

Amidst these many turmoils, Sean also manages to find love.....

But the dangers that lurked in his past have a way of following him here too.......

My take on the book:

I read the manuscript version, and I think there will be some changes when the actual book (whatever format) comes out.

The book starts off quite interestingly. As a reader in India, I did find certain references very American, like TV shows and sports and the like, but it was not difficult in any way and did not take away from my understanding of the plot. This will also work great for you if you happen to be familiar with US shows and sports and such.

The plot is very fast paced. It is gripping and it moves fast from one location to another, from one danger to another.

Though I sometimes felt that there could be a bit more detailing in certain areas, it is still fine and the story worked out very well.

There are lots of twists and turns, and the reader rarely encounters a dull moment in the plot.

It is tightly bound in terms of plot structure and the characters are well created.

Again, in certain areas I felt that there was too much of dialogue going on. But this was not a negative for me, just an observation. This can actually be a good thing for those readers who like to understand more in storytelling and situational dialogues.

I found the story quite interesting and fresh. There have been countless thrillers that are based around codes and the government and dangers involving both, but I still found a lot of newness in Elixir. 

While you're reading it, you'll certainly not have a dull moment, that I can assure you.

The book site:

To know more about the book and to make sure you know when it is coming out, do check out the OFFICIAL WEBSITE HERE

About the author

Ted Galdi graduated from Duke University and co-founded StadiumRoar.com, a software company which streamlines event management logistical data. Now 29 years old, Galdi has written his first novel.

Here's what Ted says about the book

"Elixir is different than a typical thriller because it doesn't just focus on suspense,” says Galdi. "My favorite part of writing it was coming up with characters the reader would care about. The thrills are that much better if the characters mean something to you in their own way. I also think people will find the tie-in to the recent controversy around Edward Snowden and leaked NSA activities interesting. Since it happened, no thriller has really tried to pull the cover off the type of stuff that goes on there, at least not on this level.”

- Debolina Raja Gupta