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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Someone by Alice McDermott: On The Cover

 Bloomsbury Publications was kind enough to send me a few books recently. Out of the 4 they sent, I started reading Someone by Alice McDermott.

It's quite the interesting read the cover promises it is, so here is what's on the blurb:

Winner of the National Book Award

'McDermott never wastes a detail and her sentences have an undertow of significance....Immaculate' New York Times Book Review

'A gifted writer' Irish Independent

At seven, i was a shy child, and comical-looking, with a round flat face and black slits for eyes, thick glasses, black bangs, a straight and serious mouth - a little girl cartoon. with my heart pinned to my father's sleeve

On the stoop of a Brooklyn apartment building, Marie is waiting for her father to come home from work. It is the 1920s and in her Irish-American enclave the stories of her neighbours unfold before her short-sighted eyes, from war-blinded Bill Corrigan and foolish, ill-fated Pegeen, to the terrifying Big Lucy and the ever-present Sisters of Charity from the convent down the road.

 As the years pass Marie's own history plays out against the backdrop of a changing world. Marie experiences first love - and first heartbreak - marriage and motherhood, while discovering how time can reveal us all to be fools and dreamers, blinded in one way or another by hope, loss or the exigencies of life.

 Fragments of a curious childhood, of adolescent sexual awakenings, of motherhood and, finally, old age are pierced together in this resonant story of an unremarkable, unforgettable woman.

- Debolina Raja Gupta