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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn: First Page Mondays


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Yups so I missed Monday deadline again! And am I sorry about that? Yes, actually, but not very much, as I had a big reason - my younger one hasn't been well and I was swamped with work on top of that.

So here I am, sharing the first page of the book Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn. The first book I read by the author was Gone Girl, which, I feel, is one of the best forms of thriller, horror, mystery and all that stuff...It was outstanding.

This one in fact is the debut novel, so it is not as awesome as Gone Girl, but great nonetheless. I sincerely recommend you give this lady a try, if you haven't already. And if you have already read her books, do tell me what you think about them :)

My sweater was new, stinging red and ugly. It was May 12 but the temperature had dipped to the forties, and after four days shivering in my shirtsleeves, I grabbed cover at a tag sale rather than dig through my boxed-up winter clothes. Spring in Chicago.

 In my gunny-covered cubicle I sat staring at the computer screen. My story for the day was a limp sort of evil. Four kids, ages two through six, were found locked in a room on the South Side with a couple of tuna sandwiches and a quart of milk. They'd been left three days, flurrying like chickens over the food and feces on the carpet. Their mother had wandered off for a suck on the pipe and just forgotten. Sometimes that's what happens. No cigarette burns, no bone snaps. Just an irretrievable slipping. I'd seen the mother after the arrest: twenty-two year old Tammy Davis, blonde and fat, with pink rouge on her cheeks in two perfect circles the size of shot glasses. I could imagine her sitting on a shambled-down sofa, her lips on that metal, a sharp burst of smoke. Then all was fast floating, her kids way.....'

- Debolina Raja Gupta

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