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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Reading Gillian Flynn: Sharp Objects, Dark Places, Gone Girls


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I'm not sure if most of you already know this face, but for me, this is the first time I am looking at the face whose mind I have quite literally been spooked and fascinated and psyched out with. This is author Gillian Flynn, the lady who has written some of the most amazing psychological thrillers, namely Sharp Objects, Dark Places and Gone Girl in that order.

I read Gone Girl the first, then read Sharp Objects, and finally recently finished reading Dark Places. Of course it goes without saying that I loved them all. And even though the order in which she writes makes sense to read that way - she does mature as a writer from her first to third book and it is very evident - you can easily read the books in any order you please.

I absolutely loved all the three books, but if asked to put them in order of like, I would say I loved Gone Girl the most...it was such a powerful book that it compelled me to pick up her other works without even bothering for a review. Second best was Dark Places and third was Sharp Objects.

As a book lover, I am sure I don't have to introduce you to her writing style or her story frames for that matter. But as a reader, I have been bowled over by the way this lady thinks.

As she truly mentions in her thanks speech at the end of the book, it is truly a miracle that her hubby can sleep peacefully next to her in bed at night, knowing what all goes on in her head.

For me, the first time I picked up Gone Girl I was instantly spooked by the cover jacket blurb. It was something you could easily relate to in terms of setting, but something that you would never wish upon yourself. It was when I started reading the book that I wondered how no one had recommended the book to me yet. 

What I love most about her books is the fact that Gillian Flynn picks plots that are very day to day and makes it into something scary and haunting. The spookiest characters in her books are the humans themselves, and she needs no ghost or spirit to make you feel haunted and creepy.

I love dark thrillers and psychological thrillers and Gillian Flynn manages to pull it off immensely amazingly well. Also the fact that her growth as a writer is so visible from her first book to third book, even though the first book in itself was so good.

I will soon share the reviews of these three books. Till then, do have a look at these pages from the books I mentioned.

Here is the first page from the book Sharp Objects 

Here is the first page from the book Gone Girl

Here is the cover jacket blurb of the book Gone Girl

Here is the cover jacket of the book Sharp Objects

- Debolina Raja Gupta

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