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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Books By Raffaella Barker From Bloomsbury

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Bloomsbury sent me a collection of these amazing books by author Raffaella Barker. When the publishers asked me if I would be interested to read them and talk about them, the first reason I said yes, was the gorgeous art covers....You'll see soon what I mean...the covers blew me away...

The second reason was of course that she is the daughter of a poet...wow...how cool is that!!!

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So this morning I received a set of 6 of her beautiful books...Here's a quick look:

1. A Perfect Life by Raffaella Barker

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2. Summertime by Raffaella Barker
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3. Come And Tell Me Some Lies by Raffaella Barker 
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4. Poppyland by Raffaella Barker
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5. The Hook by Raffaella Barker
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6. From A Distance by Raffaella Barker 
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Just look at the covers! Aren't they absolutely stunning? The covers reminded me of a vintage collection, and I absolutely had to have them with me......too beautiful to miss out on...I'm not sure though if these are going to be the regular covers or if they are special edition or something, so will check on that and let you know.

Of course I can't wait to begin reading them right away......so do keep reading and coming back here to see which ones I loved more (I'm sure I'm going to love them all!) ... have you read any of these? I'm quite excited to know if you have :)

- Debolina Raja Gupta