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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Come And Tell Me Some Lies by Raffaella Barker: On The Cover

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First up, the image does no justice to the beauty of  the book as it actually is. If you think the cover looks beautiful here, I suggest you go and pick yourself a copy.

The first reason I agreed to the publishers, Bloomsbury, sending me a copy of Come And Tell Me Some Lies by Raffaella Barker was the fact that the cover is simply mind-blowingly gorgeous...I mean, look at it...It's the typical artsy cover you definitely cannot miss to have on your bookshelf. Something about it just pulls you in.

The second reason was of course that she is a writer who happens to be the daughter of a poet...wow...I couldn't refuse in any case.

In fact, the publishers have been so kind that they sent me an entire set of her books - six in all...so reviews and more coming up soon.

For now, I started reading this one, and must tell you, its as and more beautiful as the cover promises.

Before I digress, let's move over to see what's on the cover, to get a better idea of what the storyline is like.

'funny, clever and touching.' Guardian

'a gentle charming account of a family of cosmopolitan sophistication living in a rural shambles' Evening Standard

Gabriella lives in a damp, ramshackle, book-strewn farmhouse in Norfolk with her tempestuous father and unconventional mother. Alongside her ever expanding set of siblings and half-siblings, numerous pets and her father's rag-tag admirers,
Gabriella navigates a chaotic childhood of wild bohemian parties and fluctuating levels of poverty. Longing to be normal, Gabriella enrolls in a strict day school, only to find herself balancing two very different lives. Struggling to keep the eccentricities of her family contained, her failure to achieve conformity amongst her peers is endearing, and absolute.

 Come and tell me some lies is Raffaella Barker's enchanting first novel - a humorous, bittersweet tale of a girl who longs to be normal, and a family that can't help be anything but.

 'she writes beautifully..combining with apparent ease, emotion and admirable precision' Independent on Sunday

'the whole is suffused with love' Observer

- Debolina Raja Gupta

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