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Monday, September 1, 2014

Raghu Rearview My Roadies Journey by Raghu: First Page Mondays

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So of course I had to get this book, right? For those of you who are based in India, you probably are a Roadies fan, or obviously know something about it (even as basic as the ads in that case) ;)

I've been a major Roadies fan, and have watched it from the first year, day 1, and from Season 1 till date, have not missed any of it yet.....so it was obvious that I would be reading this book...also coz I like and admire this man a lot... 

Have just started reading it, so here's the first page for you to check..if you're a Roadies fan like me, you absolutely need to read Raghu: Rearview My Roadies Journey by Raghu.

Here we go...

'The rudest man on television

31 OCTOBER 2012, 11:30 AM

Raghu! Raghu! Raghu!

A steady chant. I'm pacing the big, bare crew room at Laxmi Lawns, Pune. Outside, it's a lovely crisp morning. The door is shut tight but I hear them out in the halls anyway. Raghu! Raghu! Raghu! The chant grows louder, then wanes, but as I slip on my jacket, it's back. Raghu! Raghu! Raghu!

In the hall, I'm told, among the other 1400-odd Roadie hopefuls, there is one kid, a girl, who looks like the quintessential Roadie - hair cropped close to her skull and gelled into a mohawk, Converse shoes, a black Goth T-shirt ripped just deep enough to show off the tattoo on the neck: a flock of birds flying down her back; then there is boy who resembles a stockier version of me, complete with a shaved head, goatee, aviators and pierced ears. Another is sporting one white eye, perhaps a tribute to my get-up in the promos. Flattering? I don't know.

Raghu! Raghu! Raghu! The chanting continues.

Back in the crew room, Arjuna-award winning swimmer and special guest at the Pune auditions, Deepa Malik, all set in her military jacket, big black boots and wheelchair smiles, 'Ten years and they're still calling your name...It must be a good feeling, na?' I pause for a minute and then shrug. I'm not sure. The door opens....I automatically....'

- Debolina Raja Gupta

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