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Saturday, December 13, 2014

The Sleepwalker's Guide To Dancing by Mira Jacob: On The Cover


Just look at the cover.... isn't it absolutely stunning???  Very much what words like 'dream' and 'books' and 'reading' are supposed to look like I think...

This is one of the reasons that when asked which of their books I would love to review, I told Bloomsbury about The Sleepwalker's Guide To Dancing by Mira Jacob.

I'm almost halfway through and without further ado lets just move on to see what it's about as mentioned on the cover jacket...

Of all the family gatherings in her childhood, one stands out in Amina's memory. It is 1979, in Salem, when a visit to her grandmother's house escalates into an explosive encounter, pitching brother against brother, mother against son.

In its aftermath, Amina's father Thomas rushes his family back to their new home in America. And while at first it seems that the intercontinental flight has taken them out of harm's way, his decision sets off a chain of events that will forever haunt Thomas and his wife Kamala, their intellectually furious son Akhil, and the watchful young Amina.

Now, twenty years later, Amina receives a phone call from her mother. Thomas has been acting strangely and Kamala needs her daughter back. Amina returns to the New Mexico of her childhood, where her mother has always filled silences with food, only to discover that getting to the truth is not as easy as going home.

Confronted with Thomas's unwillingness to talk, Kamala's Born Again convictions, and the suspicion that not everything is what it seems, Amina finds herself at the centre of a mystery so entangled that to make any headway she has to first excavate her family's painful past. And in doing so she must lay her own ghosts to rest.

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- Debolina Raja Gupta

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