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Monday, July 28, 2014

Dark Places by Gillian Flynn: First Page Mondays


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So this is the third book I am reading by this author, and the second consecutive, just after I finished reading Sharp Objects.  Obviously, she is a favourite author.

So here is the first page from Dark Places by Gillian Flynn..


The Days were a clan that mighta lived long
But Ben Day's head got screwed on wrong
That boy craved dark Satan's power
So he killed his family in one nasty hour

Little Michelle he strangled in the night
Then chopped up Debby; a nasty sight
Mother Patty he saved for last
Blew off her head with a shotgun blast

Baby Libby somehow survived
But to live through that ain't much a life

- schoolyard rhyme, circa 1985

Libby Day

I have a meanness inside me, real as an organ. Slit me at my belly and it might slid out, meaty and dark, drop on the floor so you could stomp on it. It's the Day blood. Something's wrong with it. I was never a good little girl, and I got worse after the murders.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn: First Page Mondays


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Yups so I missed Monday deadline again! And am I sorry about that? Yes, actually, but not very much, as I had a big reason - my younger one hasn't been well and I was swamped with work on top of that.

So here I am, sharing the first page of the book Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn. The first book I read by the author was Gone Girl, which, I feel, is one of the best forms of thriller, horror, mystery and all that stuff...It was outstanding.

This one in fact is the debut novel, so it is not as awesome as Gone Girl, but great nonetheless. I sincerely recommend you give this lady a try, if you haven't already. And if you have already read her books, do tell me what you think about them :)

My sweater was new, stinging red and ugly. It was May 12 but the temperature had dipped to the forties, and after four days shivering in my shirtsleeves, I grabbed cover at a tag sale rather than dig through my boxed-up winter clothes. Spring in Chicago.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Hungarian Dances by Jessica Duchen: On The Cover

Do you ever wish you could wake up as someone new?

Like most people, Karina isn't sure the life she chose is the right one. But she is willing to take drastic steps to change it.

 When disaster befalls her best friend, young English-born mum and teacher Karina feels compelled to question the very foundations of her existence. Her discoveries about her Hungarian family background and her Gypsy ancestry will change her life forever. In a moving panorama that spans eighty years, past and present collide in the intertwining stories of Karina and her grandmother, famous violinist Mimi Racz.

 Hungarian Dances is a love story, a mystery and a tale of extraordinary personal transformation.

 'The pages of Hungarian Dances just keep turning! Like all the best novels, it asks unexpected and compelling questions' Martin Davies, author of The Conjurer's Bird.

- Debolina Raja Gupta

Monday, July 14, 2014

The Silkworm by Robert Galbraith: First Page Mondays

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What dost thou feed on?
Broken sleep.

Thomas Dekker, The Noble Spanish Soldier

'Someone bloody famous,' said the hoarse voice on the end of the line, 'better've died, Strike.'

 The large unshaven man tramping through the darkness of pre-dawn, with his telephone clamped to his ear, grinned.

 'It's in that ballpark.'

 'It's six o' clock in the fucking morning!'

 'It's half past six, but if you want what I've got, you'll need to come and get it,' said Cormoran Strike. 'I'm not far away from your place. There's a---'

Monday, July 7, 2014

Hungarian Dances by Jessica Duchen: First Page Mondays

I came across this book on an online sale. I had never heard of it, and had no idea what it was about. The thing that got me to it was the cover. If you see this image and think the cover is beautiful, you hardly can understand how gorgeous it actually is....

It is one of the most beautiful book covers I have ever seen...And the cover, in texture, and style of paper, is absolutely amazing...it is like handling an old book that is adorned with music and art and all things far away...It's simply worth buying it just for the cover...

Anyways, I can see that I am drifting way off topic, as I do a lot of times. So let me just get to sharing the first page with you (as it is I got quite late sharing this - its almost midnight!)


Air. Movement. Freedom.

 Wood, four strings, the scroll. Beyond them, the fireplace and its rose-patterned tiles. When she closes her eyes she glimpses clouds on the horizon, the earth flat and cracked; peaked thatch passing, dust, grass and faraway mirages, the beckoning shadows of the forest, the minstrel. Her bow is his in an unbroken loop through centuries. Horsehair, gut and metal, vibration. Her fingertips find the pitches of his storytelling; a slide, a flicker of pizzicato, the quietest harmonic she can manage. The minstrel whispers, through Marc Duplessis's music: who are you?

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The TBR Bug: Reading At Random

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Of late I have noticed a lot of TBR videos on BookTube. For those of you who may not be familiar with the term TBR (which is actually good, and you will soon see why), it means To Be Read.

The booktube community on Youtube is something I am actively tuned in to. And there have been some really great recommendations that I have got from these channels.

But one thing that really really really bugs me is when readers try and create their TBRs and end up reading books just because they promised and planned to do it in advance.

For me, reading has always been something that I love, and genuinely want to get in. A good book takes me to a whole new world altogether, and I am sad when it ends, as it leaves me missing the characters and missing that life and world. I truly miss a good book when it ends.

And once I finish it, I pick up a book depending on what I am feeling like at that point of time. So, it means that I mostly always have a book with me that I want to read, and hence enjoy it more (unless it's so useless that I don't want to read it anymore.) It's not because I have planned and said a month ago that this is a book I will read, and now, even though I may not want to, I still have to read it.