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Monday, October 13, 2014

Dance Dance Dance by Haruki Murakami: First Page Mondays

Unbelievable for me but true, this is the first time I am reading this amazing writer who I've always been wanting to read (what the hell prevented me from doing so till now is something I will think on later, once I have finished devouring all his works!). In fact, this book too came my way as I was browsing a friend's home library...and of course, as I loved it (who wouldn't love his books on a sane mind??!!) those who know me know that I will buy it and bring it home to me :)

So without my usual blabbering, here's the first page of Dance Dance Dance by Haruki Murakami that I just finished reading...


I often dream about the Dolphin Hotel.
 In these dreams, I'm there, implicated in some kind of ongoing circumstance. All indications are that I belong to this dream continuity.
 The Dolphin Hotel is distorted, much too narrow. It seems more like a long, covered bridge. A bridge stretching endlessly through time. And there I am, in the middle of it. Someone else is there too, crying.
 The hotel envelops me. I can feel its pulse, its heat. In dreams, I am part of the hotel.

 I wake up, but where? I don't just think this, I actually voice the question to myself: "Where am I?" As if I didn't know: I'm here. In my life. A feature of the world that is my existence. Not that I particularly recall ever having approved these matters, this condition, this state of affairs in which I feature. There might be a woman sleeping next to me. More often, I'm alone. Just me and the expressway that runs right next to my apartment and, bedside, a glass (five millimeters of whiskey still in it) and the malicious - no, make that indifferent - dusty morning light. Sometimes it's raining. If it is, I'll just stay in bed. And if there's.......

- Debolina Raja Gupta

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Come And Tell Me Some Lies by Raffaella Barker: Review

 Last month Bloomsbury sent me a set of six books by the lovely author Raffaella Barker. HERE is a list of all the books I received.

The first book I picked up from the set was Come And Tell Me Some Lies. No specific reason, it's just that I was in the mood for some light reading and this looked perfect. Even the title and the cover was very summery and light.

If you would like to read the cover of the book you can read it HERE

For me, a book is as much the matter it has inside as the cover, and I have many times in the past drifted towards a book based on the cover alone. This book, and in fact all the books in this set, have something very amazing going on in the covers. For one, it has a very old world charm to it. If you see the cover, it's kind of a sepia and a 60s look and that for me is a huge pull.

Moving on to the story, it's very difficult for me to put this into just one little article, or a few words. Honestly, after reading this book, I felt as if I had just come out of a homestay with the protagonist and her family, but the difference being that all her years, from childhood to growing up and later, were rolled in in a quick vacation.