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Friday, February 27, 2015

Kaleidoscope City - A Year In Varanasi by Piers Moore Ede: Upcoming Release By Bloomsbury

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I absolutely love reading memoirs, so this snippet of a new release coming up by Bloomsbury has me all looking forward to it. Of course I will share the review as soon as I get my hands on the book and read it :) For now, lets see what the publishers have to share about the book and the author.

Bloomsbury India announces the publication of a captivating memoir  of a year spent in the holy city of Varanasi.

Kaleidoscope City - A Year In Varanasi by Piers Moore Ede is scheduled for release soon in 2015.

About the Book
‘I will never forget my first sight of the river in Varanasi, from the narrowness and constriction of the alleys, thronged with activity, to the sudden release of the waterfront, the labyrinth’s end . . . It seems that all of life has its assigned place on the stone steps leading down to the Ganges. Some are used for bathing, others for laundry, washing buffalo, puja (worship, ceremonial offering), and this one for the business of death. The smells are of wood smoke, buffalo dung, urine and jasmine flowers. The sounds are of rustling kites and lowing cattle, crackling wood and prayer. . .’

Piers Moore Ede first fell in love with Varanasi when he passed through it on his way to Nepal in search of wild honey hunters. In the decade that followed it continued to exert
its pull on him, and so he returned to live there, to press his ear to its heartbeat and to discover what it is that makes the spiritual capital of India so unique.

In this intoxicating ‘city of 10,000 widows’, where funeral pyres smoulder beside the river in which thousands of pilgrims bathe, and holiness and corruption walk side by side, Piers encounters sweet-makers and sadhus, mischievous boatmen and weary bureaucrats, silk weavers and musicians and discovers a remarkable interplay between death and life, light and dark.

About the Author
Piers Moore Ede has contributed to many literary, travel and environmental publications, including the Daily Telegraph, the Times Literary Supplement, Ecologist, Traveller and Earth Island Journal. He is the author of Honey and Dust, winner of a D. H. Lawrence Prize for Travel Writing, and All Kinds of Magic. He lives in East Sussex with his wife and daughter.

You can get in touch with the author at: piersmooreede.blogspot.co.uk

The excerpt already looked quite interesting. This looks to be exactly the kind of book that will evoke a sense of smell through its power of capturing the visual in words... I sure am looking forward to it...
- Debolina Raja Gupta

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