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Monday, April 20, 2015

Anyone But Ivy Pocket by Caleb Krisp: First Page Mondays


This is undeniably one of the most beautiful book covers I have ever seen, sent by Bloomsbury of course, and they do have some of the most beautiful covers ever......

Coming back to the book, this is an uncorrected proof copy that has been sent to me before release for review purposes. I did not receive any monetary compensation for the same and was sent the book in exchange for an honest review and discussion.

So here is a look at the first page from the book Anyone But Ivy Pocket: Meet The Girl Everyone's Trying To Avoid by Caleb Krisp.

I found the note upon my lady's bed.
 It read as follows:

 Dear Miss Pocket,
 As you can see, I have gone. Do not follow me. I repeat, DO NOT follow me!
 I am sailing for South America for no other reason than it is far enough away from Paris to ensure that I never see you again. The hotel bill has been paid. As for your wages, after taking into account my pain and suffering, I have left you the sum of one pound. Which is generous, given your conduct. You are now on your own.
 Good riddance,
 Countess Carbunkle

Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Little House By Philippa Gregory: Sneaky Peeky Sunday


It's been a long time I did one of these, and I'm sorry I have not got the time to share with you all what I am currently reading. I am about to head out on a two month trip with my two little kiddies around the country, so it's going to be even more difficult to manage my office work (yes, I will be working all six days of the week even while we are traveling), the two kiddies alone, the younger one with her stranger anxiety as she is going to meet a lot of family members on the trip who she is not familiar with, and not to mention the massive heat. But we will manage and we will have fun and I will have my reading ready :) 

So before this post becomes a horrible rant, let me get to the point. Philippa Gregory is one of my most favorite authors ever, and I love allllllll her books, absolutely. It's quite difficult to get her books here in India, but we do keep trying and I pick it up wherever I find. Oops, this is turning into another rant. 

So here is the book I am currently reading and the page I am on.....

The Little House by Philippa Gregory

It seemed to take all morning to get Thomas dressed, and then she had to entertain him in one room after another, as she tried to get the household chores done. He had learned now to reach for something and grasp at it, and his favorite game was to be propped by pillows and offered one object after another to hold and then negligently drop. In the bathroom, while she dutifully cleaned the toilet, the skin, and the bath, Ruth passed him toothbrushes, flannels, and a box of

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

She Will Build Him A City by Raj Kamal Jha: Review


One of the most recent books I read by Bloomsbury is She Will Build Him A City by Raj Kamal Jha. I have not read anything by this author prior to this, nor had I heard of him or his book. So it was quite a surprise when I received the book in my mailbox – thanks again to the wonderful team at Bloomsbury for introducing me to new authors and styles and also for giving me authors that I already love – this cheers goes out to you haan!

Coming back to the book, before I tell you what it is about, here’s a quick look at the blurb:

As night falls in Delhi, a mother spins tales from her past for her sleeping daughter. Now grown up, her child is a puzzle with a million pieces, whom she hopes, through her words and her love, to somehow make whole again.
Meanwhile, a young man rides the last train from Rajiv Chowk Station and dreams of murder.

In another corner of the city, a newborn wrapped in a blood-red towel lies on the steps of an orphanage as his mother walks away.

There are twenty million bodies in this city, but the stories of this woman, man, and child--of a secret love that blossoms in the shadows of grief, of a corrosive guilt that taints the soul, and of a boy who maps his own destiny--weave in and out of the lives of those around them to form a dazzling kaleidoscope of a novel.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini: Book Thoughts


I have read A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini a few times already, and each time I read it, I look at it with new eyes and feeling.

The book is the second by the author who made his debut with The Kite Runner, of course yet another favorite. I have read all three books by the author, including his latest offering that came out last year, titled And The Mountains Echoed. You may read the review HERE.

With A Thousand Splendid Suns, I will not attempt a review. That's why I never have tried talking about this book in so long, as with The Kite Runner. There is something  so intense and so personal in these books (not to say that I have the same lives as the protagonists who live in these books, but that it touches me so much), I never try to get down to a review.

Once you come out with a book and it turns out to be a hit, releasing that second book with as much or more expectation is always a Herculean task. It's like falling into that so familiar trap that many amazing first time authors have been devoured in. But the beauty of Hosseini's second book is that it surpasses what it set out to do in the first book - it smashes all expectations and raises the bar yet again.

The story is essentially Mariam's story - born a bastard and living with her mother, Nana, in a ramshackle hut at the edge of the city. Her 'father' is a wealthy man, and Mariam's mother was employed in his household, till her belly swelled and he set her up in this forsaken place. Of course each month her guilt-ridden father Jalil sends a wheelbarrow laden with the month's supplies, brought

Monday, April 6, 2015

April And May 2015 Titles From Bloomsbury: Pick Up And Read

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Bloomsbury continues with the tradition of keeping the magic of good books alive, and there's just so much they have in store for book lovers for you and me....!!!

Here's a quick look at some amazing titles that are out now or about to release this April and May 2015. Take your pick(s), I'll tell you which ones I think I really want to read (can I have them all?!!) and let me know which ones you are planning to read too :)


F E A T U R I N G:

Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell – Susanna Clarke (I really want to read this one)


Two magicians shall appear in England. The first shall fear me; the second shall long to behold me ...

So begins a dangerous battle between these two great men which overwhelms the one between England and France. And their own obsessions and secret dabblings with the dark arts are going to cause more trouble than they can imagine.

Ring Roads – Patrick Modiano - (I really want to read this one)
(Winner of the 2014 Nobel Prize in Literature)

Ring Roads, for which Modiano was awarded the French Academy's Grand Prix du Roman (1972), is the story of a young Jew, Serge, in search of his father, Chalva, who