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Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Little House By Philippa Gregory: Sneaky Peeky Sunday


It's been a long time I did one of these, and I'm sorry I have not got the time to share with you all what I am currently reading. I am about to head out on a two month trip with my two little kiddies around the country, so it's going to be even more difficult to manage my office work (yes, I will be working all six days of the week even while we are traveling), the two kiddies alone, the younger one with her stranger anxiety as she is going to meet a lot of family members on the trip who she is not familiar with, and not to mention the massive heat. But we will manage and we will have fun and I will have my reading ready :) 

So before this post becomes a horrible rant, let me get to the point. Philippa Gregory is one of my most favorite authors ever, and I love allllllll her books, absolutely. It's quite difficult to get her books here in India, but we do keep trying and I pick it up wherever I find. Oops, this is turning into another rant. 

So here is the book I am currently reading and the page I am on.....

The Little House by Philippa Gregory

It seemed to take all morning to get Thomas dressed, and then she had to entertain him in one room after another, as she tried to get the household chores done. He had learned now to reach for something and grasp at it, and his favorite game was to be propped by pillows and offered one object after another to hold and then negligently drop. In the bathroom, while she dutifully cleaned the toilet, the skin, and the bath, Ruth passed him toothbrushes, flannels, and a box of
dental floss. Thomas accepted them with pleasure and dropped them all, looking around for something more. Ruth handed him the little duck from his bath toys, and his sponge. She was leaning over the bath, rinsing the suds away with the shower attachment, when she heard a muffled ominous choke.

 She spun around. Thomas had crammed most of the sponge into his mouth but was quite incapable of getting it out again. Yellow sponge bulged from his lips, his eyes were staring, his face flushed as he struggled for air.

 'My God!' Ruth said and flew at him. She pulled the sponge from his mouth and Thomas whooped for breath, and then smiled. The incident had not disturbed him at all.

 'I could have killed him,' Ruth said. 'Oh god.'

 She snatched him up and held him tight, and they walked downstairs together. Ruth saw her hand on the banister and it trembled so much that she could hardly feel the wood beneath her fingertips. She took Thomas into the sitting room and laid him on his back on the sofa, so that she could look into his inquiring face. 

 'Oh god Thomas' she said. A sense of her passionate love for him set her trembling again. She tool in his clear skin and his wide, innocent eyes. You could still....

- Debolina Raja Gupta

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