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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Anyone But Ivy Pocket: Meet The Girl Everyone's Trying To Avoid By Caleb Krisp: Review

I've already mentioned on the blog here that I am a huge fan of Neil Gaiman. So when I got a chance to read the book Anyone But Ivy Pocket: Meet The Girl Everyone's Trying To Avoid By Caleb Krisp, I was immediately reminded of his works, in a very positive way. I have not compared the writing, but if you have enjoyed Neil Gaiman's works, especially something like Fortunately The Milk (which is also a Bloomsbury publication) I can assure you you'll love this.

As always, it's amazing to open a package sent by Bloomsbury...there's always a surprise in there...so when I opened the package that came by mail, here's what was inside...

So as you can see on the cover here, it is not officially the cover that may come out in stores once the book is out - it has released in some places but is yet to release everywhere - and you better get your hands on it when it's out - the cover that I got on the unreleased copy literally blew me away!!! I mean, look at it....it's one of the MOST STUNNING book covers I have ever seen....The gold highlights and detailing on the cover are so stunning, and everything from the designs at the edges of the frame to the detailing of the pocket watch to the way the letters are written is beautifully planned, designed and executed. This is one book that will add that much more charm and beauty to my bookshelf, for its story as much as for its art value.

Before I tell you about the book and how much I loved it, here's a quick request from the author...come on, you have to read it...and Caleb Krisp (you still continue to be that mysterious author that generates alllll that curiosity and I want to want to meet) I really will give you a hug for this if I ever get to meet you (that's if you allow me to hug you finally) ;) *wishful thinking of Debo

So what's the story about? Let's see....

Isn't it absolutely interesting? It's one of those stories that's filled with a lot of adventure, Victorian charm, fantasy, super-natural elements, humour, spooky, suspense and so much more.

The story has been firstly projected as a children's book, but the fact is that it is a MUST READ for anyone who loves a good book.

I received the book on a weekday while I had my office work to go through, the school work for the kid, the baby and of course many other things at home. BUT - of course I wanted to check out the gorgeous book that had just arrived and started reading a few pages, and ohhh...was I hooked on! And then I finished it in 2 days flat (only because of the work I had, else I would have finished it in one setting - promise!)

What About Ivy Pocket?

The book, as you have already guessed from the title, is about Ivy Pocket, an adorable (to me, and to you too she will be as a reader), yet very irritating to others 12 year old girl who works as a lady's maid. Even though she means well, she is in situations that always seem unfair to her. Like pushing her lady's face inside a huge jug of fruit punch because the lady was having a coughing fit (but isn't it a known remedy to cure coughing fits!?) Some events take place that place a very valuable diamond in Ivy's safekeeping, and she is given the responsibility of handing it over to the person who will receive it as a special gift. Ivy does manage to reach there through very mysterious happenings that are beyond her grasp, and once there, some more mysterious and dark things start happening, that make her realize that things are not as they seem - or are they, and is she merely mistaken - or is she suspecting the wrong people? And even as you feel nothing more could happen, a sudden secret is revealed that brings along a whole new twist to everything that was happening till now.....

The story is a ride of adventure and fast paced action, and there is a lot more in promise as the author has mentioned somewhere in the book (I don't recall where) that this will probably be a trilogy.

Did I Like The Book?

I LOVED IT!!!! It's definitely on my one of the most favourite books list. I have already recommended it to many friends and their kids and even shared it with another kiddo who was absolutely hooked on and has further recommended it to her friends.

I am not sure when the book is coming out, but do keep an eye out as it should be out in stores anytime soon.....

LOVED LOVED LOVE IT....And I will try and get an author interview with the wonderful wizard of words here...so let's wait for that....

- Debolina Raja Gupta