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Monday, June 22, 2015

Before We Met By Lucie Whitehouse: First Page Mondays

I am reading a really interesting book right now titled Before We Met by Lucie Whitehouse. It's in the thriller genre and right now I'm not going to share any more information, except for the first page....so here you go...


the rain was beating down, and out here, where the carriageway was exposed, the wind buffered hannah's old vw as if it were trying to push it off the road. usually on a heathrow run she watched the planes dip down into the airport one after the other, barely a minute between them, but tonight the rhythm was broken and it was two minutes, now three, before a new set of lights struggled through the roiling cloud. she tightened her grip again, checked the mirror and pulled out into the fast lane.

 the holiday inn loomed up on the left, an ugly concrete tooth in silhouette against the sky, the light from its green neon sign leaching into the wet air. she took the exit for terminal three, the buzz in her stomach intensifying though they were married now, the trip to the airport was still exciting. she didn't need to come and meet him, in fact, it would probably be quicker if mark caught a cab into town, especially on a night like this, but the drive, the arrivals, the crush at the barrier - it all reminded them of the time before they got married, when jfk and heathrow were the two poles round which so many of their weekends revolved.

 as usual, the first two levels of the car park were full. reluctantly, she took the ramp up to level three and found a spot by the lobby with the ticket machines. after a quick look in the mirror, she got out of the car and headed for the lifts................

- Debolina Raja Gupta