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Sunday, October 4, 2015

The Secret History by Donna Tartt: Sneaky Peeky Sunday


Oh my wow..... I have been a fan of Donna Tart ever since I read The Goldfinch, and the first word that will always come to my mind when I think of her work is haunting...It was a story like I had never read or heard of before, and what a story..

So of course I want to read anything she has created, and the moment I saw The Secret History, I kind of did a jump in joy moment at the book store and picked it up to bring it home.... Of course it's unputdownable !!!!! So here's where I am right now...it's kind of a little before the middle....


my neck prickled. what did he know about this? 'no' i said. 'not that i know of.'

'henry didn't say anything to you about going out of town, did he?'

'no. why?'

bunny was silent. then he said: 'there hasn't been a single light on at his house the last few nights. and his car is gone. and it's not parked anywhere on water street.'

for some strange reason, i laughed. i walked over to the back door, which had a window at the top that faced the parking lot behind the tennis courts. henry's car was there, right where i'd parked it, plain as day. i pointed it out to him. 'there it is, right there,' i said. 'see?'

bunny's jaw slacked at its work, and his face clouded with the effort of thinking. 'well, that's funny.'


a thoughtful pink bubble emerged from his lips, grew slowly, and burst with a pop. 'no reason' he said briskly, resuming his chewing.

'why would they have gone out of town?'

he reached up and flipped the hair out of his eyes. 'you'd be surprised,' he said cheerily. 'what are you up to now, old man?'

we went upstairs to my room. on the way he stopped at the house refrigerator and peered inside, stooping down myopically to inspect the contents. 'any of this yours, old soak?' he said.


he reached in and pulled out a frozen cheesecake. taped to the box was a plaintive note: 'please do not steal this. i am on financial aid. jenny drexler.'

'this'd hit the spot about now,' he said, glancing quickly up and down the hall. 'anybody coming?'


he stuck the box underneath his coat and, whistling, walked ahead to my room. once inside, he spat out his gum and stuck..............

- Debolina Raja Gupta

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