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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Aarushi By Avirook Sen: Sneaky Peeky Sunday

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After a lot of deliberation and thinking about whether or not I really wanted to read it, I did finally pick up the book Aarushi by Avirook Sen. 

The only reason I was interested in this version of the entire Aarushi event was because Avirook Sen's reporting was the only sensible and real journalistic account that was coming out during the entire episode through the years the particular crime incidence took the Indian media hostage. His was also the one that did not try to present it after sensationalizing it more and shared it as it was.

While it's a sad book nonetheless, it does show how the media and the 'agencies' that were behind the investigation made a mockery of the entire event.

Here is the page I am on now....


13 Oct: CBI sends a formal questionnaire to Dahiya.
26 Oct: Dahiya files his report.


The prosecution relied heavily on Document 79. This could be summed up in four words: father, doctor, golfer, murderer. This was the prosecution's case in the trial court in June 2012.

Dahiya's document is a masterpiece in several ways. It reveals things about Dahiya the man. Two of his traits he shared with Kaul. The first was the belief that before you even start investigations, you must get a story in place, the facts could be made to follow. The second was the ability to be the authority on subjects that were clearly beyond his area of expertise. A third, more complex, facet of Dahiya's personality also came through. His belief systems - rooted in the culture of the North Indian Jats.

The Jats governed by their khap panchayats are widely regarded as a conservative community engaging in honour killing. Does everyone in the community believe in these practices? Certainly not. But is it easier for them to believe that others might kill for honour? Most likely, yes.

In Document 79, it is possible that Dahiya was projecting a belief system, a moral code, on to the Talwar family. A colleague of Dahiya's at FSL Gandhinagar told me that he was 'unable to shake that aspect off and think beyond. This is who he is.' Here is Dahiya on 'honour' and 'psychology':

All these circumstances indicate the possibility of someone interested in the honour of the deceased girl and/or her family being active on this count. As far as human psychology is concerned, finding one's adolescent daughter in the company of a domestic servant at the dead of night in her bedroom is a grave provocation that can lead to an emotional upsurge......

- Debolina Raja Gupta

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