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Monday, March 9, 2015

She Will Build Him A City by Raj Kamal Jha: First Page Mondays


Bloomsbury  sent me this lovely book titled She Will Build Him A City by Raj Kamal Jha. I've just started reading it so can't tell you much about it yet, but yes, it's quite an interesting read so far.....

Here's what the first page says:



THIS, tonight, is a summer night, hot, gathering dark, and that is a winter afternoon, cold, falling light, when you are eight years nine years old, when you come running to me, jumping commas skipping breath, and you say, Ma, may I ask you something may I ask you something and I say, of course, baby, you may ask me anything and you say, Ma, when I am tired, when my legs hurt, when my eyes begin to close, I only need to call you, I only need to say, Ma, and you appear instantly, like magic, from wherever you are you set aside whatever you're doing you come running to me you lift me up you carry me you walk with me you.

 Slow down, slow down, I tell you, but, of course, you don't, you say if it's sleep time, you place