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Monday, January 25, 2016

First Page Mondays: Breaking Butterflies By M Anjelais


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The reason I picked up the book was the cover art of course. If you could guess, it's a take on the butterfly test that most psychologists use to understand their clients. The test is also known as the Butterfly Ink Test or the Rorschach Test.

I got the idea of the book right then as I looked at the cover, and much as I anticipated, I finished the entire book, all of 257 pages, in one sitting at night....just couldn't put it down and there were so many things in the story that did remind of some personal experiences I have been through.....

Without further ado, here's what the first page reads...and yes....I definitely do recommend you read this one..


When my mother was a little girl, she walked to the playground by herself every day after school. I can picture it easily; photos of her as a child are almost indistinguishable from photos of me when I was little. I used to look at her old yellow-edged school photographs a lot. My mother had a shy, quiet look, a round face, and the same straight brown hair I used to have, though in every picture hers was pulled back from her forehead in two tight little pigtails.

 She was lonely when she was little. No one ever asked her to play; she was the clumsy one whom nobody sensible wanted on their team, the timid one who was too chicken to climb on top of the monkey bars. It was the same for me. While other children swirled over the jungle gym and slides in a frenzy of make-believe and hide-and-seek, I would sit by the swings on my own, kicking at the dust. We were two of a kind when we were really young, I can tell. But that was before she met Leigh, and long before I learned how to be strong.

 I don't know much about what happened before Leigh, about the lonely time. All that was a vague prologue; ..............................

- Debolina Raja

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