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Monday, September 26, 2016

Fellside By M R Carey: First Page Mondays

Thanks to my wonderful friend Reshma for bringing this sweet gift for me :) happiness galore when a bookworm receives a book that is not picked by self, but is a thought-out gift :) aha....

So yes, I did read the debut novel by the author M R Carey, and sorry to say, I had absolutely not liked it. In fact, it was so much of a disconnect that it was one of those books I gave up after trying twice. But this, Fellside, seems a different sorts altogether. For starters, it is really interesting.

I have only now started reading it, and am just about a few pages into the book, but I am loving it nonetheless. The fact that it is a thriller and keeps you moving through the pages is what I'm really enjoying. So without further ado, here's what the first page has, and may give you a better idea of whether or not you want to pick it up at your next trip to the bookstore.


  It's a strange thing to wake up not knowing who you are.

 Jess Moulson - not thinking of herself by that name or any other - found herself lying in white sheets in a white room, overwhelmed by memories that were predominantly red and yellow and orange. The colours merging and calving endlessly, out of control, billowing heat at her like she'd opened an oven door too quickly and caught the full blast.

 Someone had just been talking to her with some urgency. She remembered the voices, low but coming from right up against her face.

 Her face..... Now she thought about it, her face felt very strange. She tried to ask one of the women in white who came and went why this was, but she couldn't open her mouth very far, and, when she did, she wasn't able to make anything happen beyond a few clicks and rasping sounds which hurt her in coming out.

 The woman leaned in close and spoke very softly. She was younger and prettier than Jess but still managed to wear an air of authority. For a moment, Jess didn't even have any kind of reference point for what this person might be. A nurse or doctor......

- Debolina Raja

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