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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Sneaky Peeky Sundays: Silenced by Kristina Ohlsson

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This is the first book I am reading by the author Kristina Ohlsson and yes, I know for a fact that I will check out all her other works and read them. The reason I picked up Silenced by Kristina Ohlsson is because she is a Swedish author and the book is in the thriller/crime genre. The other Swedish author I have read and absolutely loved is Steig Larrson, and obviously I have loved his Millennium trilogy, which included the books - The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, The Girl Who Played With Fire and The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest. So I definitely wanted to read more books by Swedish authors. And am I in love !!!!!

I am halfway through the book almost and am absolutely loving it, so here's the page I am on now...


not like that with Lena. She's 'mine' in an entirely different way. And I'm hers. We shall always be together.
 Psychologist: Always? Is that the way you feel today?
 Alex (forcefully): That's the way I've always felt. For as long as I've known her. We shall always be together.
 Psychologist: Does the thought of that make you feel secure or stressed?
 Alex: Secure. If I woke up tomorrow and she wasn't there I wouldn't be able to go on. She's my best friend and the only woman I've loved unconditionally.

Alex swallowed hard. Why the hell was it so hard to work out what was wrong? It had been the same story yesterday. She turned away when he tried to look her in the eye, and flinched when he touched her. Gave that loud, joyless laugh and went to bed incomprehensibly early.

 He hoped a few hours' work might distract his thoughts.

 A deserted corridor met his eye as he stepped out of the lift on their floor. He plodded to his office and sank down in the desk chair. Rifled aimlessly through the piles of paper.

 The chase had popped up on the first newspaper website the day before, and he noted that the news had spread this morning to all the major daily papers. Damn all these leaks from within the force. It made no difference how closed a circle you worked in; there was always someone who happened to hear something not intended for his or her ears.

 Matters were not helped by the prosecutor's decision the previous evening that they had to let Tony Svensson go, in view of what Ronny Berg had told Peder about the background to the Jakob Ahlbin affair.


Obviously, I highly highly recommend this book if you love the thriller or crime genre.

- Debolina Raja

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