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Monday, May 7, 2018

The Starlite Drive-In by Marjorie Reynolds: First Page Mondays #Firstpagemondays

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The image above is apparently of the real Star Lite Drive-In Theater that was somewhere in the US. It was an open air drive in theater.

I have recently been reading this wonderful book called The Starlite Drive-In by Marjorie Reynolds and here is a quick look at the first page...

Must say, if books that are rich in culture and can transport you to a different country and lifestyle and a different era of living are your style, then please try and read this one!

The book cover below
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Author Marjorie Reynolds

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i wasn't there when they dug up the bones at the old drive-in theater, but i head about them within the hour. in a small town, word travels like heat lightning across a parched summer sky. irma schmidt phoned aunt bliiss and delivered the news with such volume that her voice carried across the kitchen to where i was sitting.

 after hanging up the receiver, aunt bliss peered at me through her thick bifocals. "with all those farms around there, they could be the bones of some animal."

 i picked up the coffee mug, drained it, then set it on the worn formica table. "they could be."

 pursing her lips, she stared hard at me. "i know what you're thinking, but more than one person disappeared that summer."

 "yes," i said reflectively, "that's true." but my heart was beating faster.

 i walked over to the skin, rinsed my cup and tipped it upside down on the drainboard next to a bowl of peaches. my aunt had lived in this house ever since i could remember. i didn't need to look at the linoleum patch to know a hand pump had once jutted from the floor, or at the white window cabinets to remember they concealed pulldown bins of flour and sugar. i could almost smell....

- Debolina Raja

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