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Book Review/Interview Policy - For Publishers

If you are a publisher and are interested to get a book reviewed or marketed on this site, or if you wish me to interview a certain author, kindly go through the points below and mail me at deborummy@yahoo.com

1. I would request you to send me a signed copy of the book in paperback (in hardcover in case there is no paperback edition yet).

2. I do not believe in ridiculing any book, unless I find the content to be absolutely cheap and vulgar, which, in all cases barring one, has never happened. In case I feel a certain book is not to my choice, I will inform readers of its pros, but will add a comment that I did not find the book suitable to my personal reading choice, but it will be a good read for many others who will identify with that particular genre or style.

3. If you want the review to be 'dictated' or pre-arranged, I am afraid I am not the person you are looking for. I would gladly hear your description of the book and share it, but I will also add my own input.

4. IF it's a one-time thing, I do not charge for a review, the only condition is I need a signed copy from the author for the purpose of being genuine. In case you wish this to be a regular feature, do let me know. However, if you wish me to be a regular book reviewer with you, we may talk commercials. We can always discuss it over mails.

5. For any interviews, kindly arrange to send me a signed copy of the book first. I will start reading the book to understand the style and views, and will work out the interview simultaneously.

6. I would like to talk more about the book and share it with a few winners. If you are okay with me doing a 'Giveaway' with the book in question, please send me additional copies (this can be discussed via mail). These copies shall not be sold by me. You can also choose to get the mailing address of the winners directly and send them signed copies as prizes.

7. If you want to promote any special discounts or competitions on your site, do let me know and we can talk about it here.

8. If you wish me to create any content for your site, I may charge a fee. We can discuss this via mail.

9. Please remember that as a book reviewer, my aim is to be honest to all readers, and that I shall be expressing my true views about the book. I am not here to kill a book, but in case I find it is not good enough for me, I am sorry, but I shall say so. I do apologise to all concerned in such cases, but hope that the author will take this as constructive feedback, as I have nothing personal against the author/publishing house.

Feel free to write in to me at deborummy@gmail.com

Debolina Raja Gupta