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Books Received For Review

Here is the list of books I have received for review. All these books have been sent personally by the authors or the publishing house, or through the various book sites with which I am associated as a book reviewer. None of the books have been purchased by me, these are all review copies, not purchased ones. Also, I have not taken any remuneration for these reviews. These are completely my honest reviews about what I felt about the books and I have not been paid to write any of this.

1. All And Nothing by Raksha Bharadia (sent through BlogAdda)
2. This Burns My Heart by Samuel Park (sent by publishing house)
3. Dream's Sake by Jyoti Arora (sent by author)
4. Hollywood Under The Covers by Brandie Knight (sent by author's PR team)
5. The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson (sent by author)
6. Olga: A Daughter's Tale by Marie Therese Browne (sent by publishers)
7. Hey Kids Want Some Chocolate by Melitta Strandberg
8. A Bullet For Two by Robert Strzalko
9. Treasuring Emma by Kathleen Fuller
10.Connect The Dots by Rashmi Bansal
11.Delayed Monsoon by Chitralekha
12.The Quarantine Papers
13.Known Turf
14.American Suite by Diana E. Sheets
15.My Heart Stopped Beating by Chamed
16.Musings of A Wanderer
17.Saraswati Park
18.This Is Not That Dawn
19.Simply Fly
21.The Pineville Heist by Lee Chambers
22.The House With Five Courtyards
23.Softly and Tenderly by Sara Evans with Rachel Hauck
24.Charliezz by Trupthi Guttal and Zeeshan Farooqui
25.The Blogging Affair by Manu
26.Johny Gone Down
27.The Hooker's Daughter by Dale Stanten
28.Terror On The Border by EE Hunt
29.The Bridge: Between 'Cell Block A' And A 'Miracle' Is Psalm 91 by Jackie Carpenter
30.Defending A King: His Life His Legacy by Dr. Karen Moriarty
31.Cherries Aren't Red Elements by Neha Aggarwal
32.Mere Mortals by Erastes
33.Murder In The 11th House by Mitchell Scott Lewis
34.The SafeHouse
35.Along The Way by TGC Prasad
36.Men With Broken Faces
37.My Dearest Rose
38.In Her Mother's Image by Cecilia Gaerlan

Sorry I haven't been able to update this section in quite a bit, shall do it sometime soon.

- Debolina Raja Gupta